The Road to Amara

Temple of Kyuss Part VII
Not all statues are evil

Still inside the forbidding Kyuss Temple, the Thia, Thulben, Delmirev, and Milez awaken in the old barracks where they last left off. The adventurers get started immediately not even taking a moment to eat breakfast. Thulben, feeling confident about clearing the barracks halls eight hours earlier, opens the door to discover the female elven assassin had reanimated into a zombie. The elven zombie had caught herself in one of Thulbens hunting traps, cauterizing her legs off. Unfortunatly for Thulben, his confidence caused him to be bitten by the zombie as she crawled towards him between the door threshold. A quick fight ensues and the zombie catches fire and dies from one of Milez fire bolts.

The party continues on and discovers another corpse inside a room of worship. This time the corpse is that of a half-orc. As Milez pokes the dead half-orc with his staff, the corpse reanimates and attacks. Another quick battle occurs and the zombie is killed. The party searches the room and finds some loot as well as some silver pieces. Thia places the silver pieces on a large vandalized statue of St. Cuthbert where the coins vanish and the statue seems to heal itself. St. Cuthbert seems to be making his presence known as much as he can, despite being overrun in a now pure evil place. Milez makes another offering to the statue, this time a St. Cuthbert amulet. When the amulet is places on the statue, it too vanishes and this time the party feels blessed as they gain 10 temporary hit points.

The party moves on, this time traveling back East through the Temple. The come to a series of tiles they believe to be trapped. The party decides to continue East through a door instead of South across the tiles. Descending through a maze-like hallway, the party encounters and slays four zombies before continuing on. The party eventually comes to a series of staircases leading down further into Temple’s lower chambers, where they discover they are inside the Temples old crypts. Thulben and Milez tag-team the tombs one by one discovering the skeletal remains of former Kyuss Paladins. Thulben accidentally gets smash happy on the tombs and breaks one that contained an explosion trap, causing him to be burned by the blast. Thulben, now a little more cautious, decides to take a break from tomb smashing and descend down a secret stairwell he discovered within another tomb. The party fallows him down into the cold, damp, blackness….

Temple of Kyuss Part VI
Something dark has happened here

Thulben, Milez, Thia, and Delmirev awaken from their rest still trapped inside a room where they had overcome animated statues and discovered two identical orbs. As they go to chow down on some breakfast rations they are truly horrified as most of their rations had turned to worms while they slept. It seems the dark energy in this old and forgotten temple has spoiled a lot of thing including their source of protein and energy. Delmirev Khassan is too disgusted to eat anything and decides to risk it and go hungry. The party soon discovers that one of the two orbs they found in the room was actually a duplicate used to open the sliding wall, revealing their escape.

As the group moves forward, their loss of energy and proper rest lead them back to rooms they’ve already cleared. Thulben eventually leads the group on the right path and to a new location where they encounter a massive two story, chapel-like room filled with several zombies and a wight. The group becomes concerned when Delmirev is bitten by a Zombie but is quickly reassured when the Paladin explains his immunity to diseases. Thulben falls victim to the Wights attacks and feels ill as he draws the closest to death he’s ever felt. After the bloodbath that ensued within the chapel the party loots the room and discovers a piece of paper indicating the translation of the weird symbols they had been seeing. The party is soon horrified again to learn another one of their companions has been bit by a zombie. This time Thia has fallen victim and starts to feel ill. Luckily the party discovers a scroll of cure diseases as if St. Cuthbert himself was looking out for Thia. Thia casts the magical scroll and starts to feel immediately better, however Delmirev’s hunger gets the best of him as he starts believing he is seeing a trapped pressure plate that isn’t there. His mind gets the best of him as he begins chucking candelabras at the nonexistent pressure plate attempting to activate the trap. Finally Milez convinces everyone to move forward.

The adventure continues on as the group soon discovers a narrow hallway with several doors. Room by room the party enters and loots their contents as they learn they are in the temples old barracks. The four heroes soon discover a mimic disguised as a chest. As the mimic attempts to grapple Delmirev, the creature is no match for he and his allies as they slay it with ease. As they approach the end of the hallway they discover a room filled with zombies feasting on the corpse of a female Elf. Thulben and Delmirev slash and bash the zombies in a threshold, as Milez and Thia blindly attack with a barrage of arrows and magical fire bolts. The effort is a success as they kill the remaining zombies and then loot the rotting and mangled corpse. As the group enters the last room, they discover a hidden room that was concealed behind a portrait of St. Cuthbert. The rooms contents seem to be worth the struggle to get there. Tired, hurt, and hungry, the party decide to rest in the old barracks.

Temple of Kyuss Part V
The Shadows aren't the only thing alive around here...

The party continues their search through the Temple of Kyuss. The longer they remain inside the more daunting and confusing it seems. The maze like Temple is hard enough to navigate in light, let alone the pitch black. Thulben, Delmirev, Thia, and Milez pull themselves together and trek on. Leaving the banquet hall they find themselves face to face with another shadow hiding in an old a damp overrun kitchen area. After the shadows defeat, the party discovers another maze like series of hallways where they eventually come to a library containing an assortment of magical documents, scrolls, and information. After looting the library, they discover a long ominous hallway filled with 6 statues of armor and another mysterious orb at the end of it. Upon Delmirev grabbing the orb from its pedestal the room seals shut and the statues animate and attack. The party is surrounded and face one of their hardest battles yet. With no way out Milez summons Tibblez whom takes the form of a fighter and eventually helps the party defeat the statues. The last remaining statue contained yet another mysterious orb that was identical in size, color, and shape from the one sitting on the pedestal. The adventurers decide to rest in the now sealed off room and await recovery before figuring a way out.

Temple of Kyuss Part IV
"Is this hell?"

The party continues to search the Lost Temple of Kyuss and the Paladin and wood elf discover some hidden magical treasures that may just prove this dungeon dive worthy of exploration. As the party continues their search, they find the journal of a fallen adventurer named Domis whom they soon find out met his demise from a magical animated flying sword. The party defeats the sword after an engaging and wild duel. The party rests to recover within the very room they fought the sword.

Lost Temple of Kyuss Continued Part III
This is no place for a paladin

The party continued through the temple and discovered another strange orb after nearly being defeated by a pair of wights. Some treasure was discovered in what appeared to be a master bedroom within the temple. Statues and portraits of St. Cuthbert remained although it seems like this place isn’t the place for such a divine deity. After looting some goods the party went on to discover a trash pit where they also discovered a secret door leading to another Zombie Ogre that was easily defeated. Inside the secret room were three chest and the Paladin seemed to fall prey to a floor trap attempting to access the treasure.

Temple of Kyuss Continued Part II
Adventure Log

The party continued to search and explore a lost ruined Paladin temple. They dodged many traps and made their way through long and deadly hallways only to discover that not everything in the temple was dead. Many undead, wights, and even a zombie ogre plaguing an isolated room. After a near death experiance the party somehow manages to survive and they loot up many potions and other helpful things to aid them on their exploration.


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