Blessed Javelin

Magical Javelin

weapon (ranged)

Once attuned to this javelin its weight becomes zero, its range is increased to 60/120 and when thrown it deals an additional 3d6 damage to undead creatures. If the javelin ever becomes un-attuned it can never again become attuned to the same creature and it loses all its magical abilities until a new creature becomes attuned to it. Undead creatures who have resistance to necrotic damage are not immune to the necrotic effects of this javelin.

Currently Attuned: Yes
Currently Attuned To: Thulben
Discovered In: Kyuss Temple
Damage: 1d6 Piercing
Thrown Damage to Undead Creatures: 3d6 Necrotic Damage
Weight: 0
Properties: Thrown (Range: 60/120)


The Blessed Javelin

Blessed Javelin

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