St. Cuthburt Paladin Armor

Chainmail Armor


A full chainmail suit of armor with a divine aura coming from it.

Currently Attuned: Yes
Currently Attuned To: Delmirev Khasan
Discovered In: Kyuss Temple
Damage: None
Weight: 55 pounds
Type: Chain Mail Armor
Properties: Heavy Armor, Disadvantage on Stealth Checks

Once this Chain Mail Armor is equipped and attuned by a paladin, the symbol on the chest plate becomes the symbol of the paladin wearing it. In addition whoever is attuned to the armor has resistance to force damage and can’t be moved by force damage that isn’t a critical hit.


Magical chainmail armor that belonged to the a high ranking Clergymen of St. Cuthbert.

St. Cuthburt Paladin Armor

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