The Road to Amara

Temple of Kyuss Part VII Continued...

Madness & Demons

Upon descending below, from the secret staircase discovered in a tomb, the party discovers a small crypt-like room filled with tombs and a desecrated statue of St. Cuthbert. Thulben and Milez work together opening the tombs and desecrating skeletons within them. Milez and Thia then open the large tomb once Milez removes the orb they discovered on top of it. The tomb is opened and a Spector appears attacking the party. The Spector drains some of the life within Milez but is soon defeated, or so the group thought. The remainder of energy from the Spector enters all the skeletons within the room and another battle ensues. Content Not Found: null takes the most of the impact but lives on as everyone works together to crumble the animated skeletons once and for all. Gold, gems, and a magical wand are discovered within the large tomb and the party heads back upstairs.

Once upstairs, the party then discovers a human named Yousif hiding in another tomb. Yousif seemed frightened and almost in complete madness until Milez used a spell of lessor restoration scroll on him. The human snaps back to reality not longer frightened, but still in shock. Milez spots a rare looking amulet around Yousif’s neck and barters Yousif’s safe return to the outside world so long as Yousif gives him the amulet and shows him where he got it. Yousif agrees and turns over the amulet to Milez. Milez feels an instant connection with it. Yousif then leads the party back through the temple where the group discovers a puzzle-like trap of tiles. Time is against the group as Delmirev Khasan sets of the trap and a wall moves the group into what looks like almost certain death. Karen is caught in some crossfire and falls unconscious. Thia stays behind in a safe area to tend to Thia while the remainder of the party fights, not in combat, but with logic. The party discovers the key to safe passage through the hallway just in time and continues south in unexplored territory. For Karen’s safety, Thia banishes her back into the Feywild to recover and rest, and joins the party again at Thulben’s lead. Thulben, now the most injured of the group from traps, manages to survive despite being badly burned.

The group finds a room they believe to be of sacrificial significants and begins recklessly attempting to solve another enigma. Delmirev sacrifices some of his blood into a bowl and a Shadow Demon appears. The Shadow Demon focuses on the paladin and Tiefling as a battle of two worlds collide.



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