A Half Orc lycanthrope hunter that appears to be outfitted in extreme weather clothing. Shorter than most Half Orcs, Torbin is still strong in appearance and looks capable of fending for himself in most situations despite having an amputated right leg.


Not much is known about Torbin at this time. He was found in the Wilderness between Felix and Hazardstaff outside a cave screaming for help. Torbin was discovered with his right leg amputated from a fresh wound that he claims was bitten by a wolf, suggestively a werewolf, that he was hunting for. Torbin claims to be a hired mercenary by the Kingdom of Felix’s blacksmith to hunt out and kill a werewolf named Utenial. Torbin claims that particular werewolf had been terrorizing the Kingdom of Felix and had taken the blacksmiths son named Telix. Torbin claims the reward for the return of his son and the death of the werewolf was to be set at 500 gold pieces and that the blacksmith would silver 5 weapons free of charge.

Player Interactions:
Delmirev had used an insight check to see of Torbin was lying aout being bitten by a wolf. Delmirev discovered Torbin was being truthful.

Delmirev and Thulben used investigation checks to see if Torbin’s wounds came from a wolf or a werewolf. Delmirev thinks the wounds appear to be from a normal wolf while Thulben believes the bite came from either a dire wolf or a werewolf.


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